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August 14-August 18: Gen Con!

As an Industry Insider Guest of Honor, I’m part of several panels at Gen Con:

Community Management in a World of Flames
Thursday, 12pm, room 210
Managing your community is now a crucial part of everyone’s life. Our guests share their insights on dealing with trolls, Goons, the easily offended, rockstars and evangelists.

Hey, We Should Do a Web Series
Thursday, 5pm, room 210
Under the covers of creating, polishing, and posting your own gamer-oriented podcast/video blog/web series. Digital media has made things easier. Has it made them BETTER? Opportunities, tips, & traps.

More Drama, More Comedy: Theater Lessons for RPGs
Friday, 12pm, room 211
Steal a few tips from the Actor’s Studio: entrances, exits, and improv tools, among others. Our panel of luminaries walks you through the basics and the advanced techniques to make your RPG night shine!

Little Big Planet: Negotiating the Social Media Maze
Friday, 3pm, room 211
A look at how social media is reshaping dialogue within the gaming community. Topics include: “Avoid Getting Buried by Your Twitter Feed” and “Facebook: Mostly Useless, or Completely Useless”?

The United States of LARP
Sunday, 11am, room 211
A discussion on the current state of LARP design in the US. The panel will talk about the spreading Nordic influence, and the recent spate of reality shows and other companies seeking to monetize LARPs.

Update: I’ll be joined by Whitney Beltran of Seekers Unlimited, Ashley Zdeb of Eschaton Media, and Emily Care Boss of Black and Green Games.

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