An unconventional history of the world’s largest cellular workhorse, from chickens to penguins, art to egg crimes, and more.

Lizzie Stark takes readers on a witty, revealing, and delightful journey through the natural and cultural history of the egg, exploring its deep symbolism, innumerable uses, and metabolic importance in twelve dazzling specimens. From Mali to Finland, Stark looks at cultures that find the world’s origins in an egg. Decorated by Ukrainians, an oracle for Greeks, the impetus behind gang wars, and flown into space, the egg?whether of chickens, murres, or ostriches?has taken on mythic proportions, all the while serving as a humble ingredient in fancy dishes. Stark even writes Jacques Pépin’s biography through the lens of the egg dishes he served. Egg is also about Stark’s fascination with this delicate ovoid?both her myriad attempts to create a perfect omelet and her fraught relationship to the ova in her body. Filled with colorful characters and fascinating morsels, Egg is a playful, informative, and surprising history that guarantees you’ll never take the egg for granted again.

Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company

Release date: March 28, 2023

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Lizzie Stark