Lizzie is a freelance journalist who has written for the Daily Beast, The Today Show Website, io9.com, Psychology Today the Philadelphia Inquirer and elsewhere. She is the author of two nonfiction books: Pandora’s DNA (Forthcoming, October 2014), about the history and science of the so-called breast cancer genes, and Leaving Mundania (Chicago Review Press, 2012), about larp, or live action roleplay, which is essentially make believe for grownups.

She holds an MS in journalism from Columbia University and an MFA in fiction writing from Emerson College. In 2013, she was awarded a residency at the Yaddo colony.


I’m available to speak in venues  large and small, from college seminars to book clubs and conventions, about topics related to hereditary breast cancer or roleplaying games.

Hereditary Breast Cancer
In 2010, at age 28, I cut off my healthy breasts to reduce my astronomical chances of developing breast cancer, since I have a harmful BRCA mutation that carries with it high risks for breast and ovarian cancer. I have appeared live to talk about BRCA on the Today Show, Huffington Post Live, and All In with Chris Hayes.

In Pandora’s DNA, I use my family’s experience to frame a larger story about the so-called breast cancer genes, exploring the morass of legal quandaries, scientific developments, medical breakthroughs, and ethical concerns that surround the BRCA mutations. Drawing from more than 200 documentary sources, and more than 40 interviews with patients, family members, and experts, Pandora’s DNA relates the troubling history of prophylactic surgery, the storied origins of the boob job and relates the landmark lawsuit against Myriad Genetics, which held patents on the BRCA genes every human carries in their body until the Supreme Court overturned them in 2013.

As a guest of honor at conventions such as Wyrd Con, at Fastaval, Living Games East, and Gen Con, and a speaker at many others, I’ve talked about a variety of topics related to community-building, larp, American Freeform, Nordic larp, and other forms of roleplaying. In 2012, I also delivered a Nordic Larp Talk in Helsinki.


I’m a working writer with more than eight years of editing experience. From 2004 to 2012 I served as the editor-in-chief of Fringe, an online literary journal dedicated to political and experimental work, managing all aspects of the magazine.

I offer competitive rates, impeccable quality, and fast turn-around time on developmental edits as well as copyedits.



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