Goodbye To My Boobs

A post-surgery LizzieFour days before I amputated my breasts, I had a theme party for them. My husband and I served martinis—boobtinis, actually, with two olives, of course. We wrapped melons with prosciutto, and since we couldn’t find a breast of veal to braise, we settled for butterflied chickens.

The party had two purposes. First, I wanted to celebrate 28 years of living with my born body. And second, I wanted to distract myself from the reality that in four short days I would be missing body parts I deeply valued….

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Celebrities: Gaming Nerds Like Us

Gamers have officially entered America’s zeitgeist. World of Warcraft had more than 11.5 million subcribers — the same number as the total population of Cuba — at the end of last year.

It’s old news that Ted Raimi of Superman and more importantly, Xena: Warrior Princess fame is set to direct a WoW movie.  But more and more celebrities are coming out of the closet as hardcore gamer geeks.

This Daily Beast gallery (full disclosure: I contribute to the Beast’s Cheat Sheet) of famous gamers has a few surprise appearances — Dave Chappelle, Robin Williams, Curt Schilling — as well as well-known gamers such as Vin Diesel and Elijah Wood. The piece focuses on celebs who play WoW, but I feel pressed to list a couple D & D** players that they missed:

– the semi-famous Wil Wheaton, who got his start as the adorable Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and now blogs about DMing games for his kids.

– Stark-heartthrob Stephen Colbert started playing D&D in 1975.

– B-movie star Bruce Campbell will have a bit part in the new WoW film, and has also written several intros for the Deadlands role playing game, although he says that he’s not a gamer.

* Or Dungeons & Dragons, for all you Luddites.