Tom Robbins Meets the Beer Fairy

robbinsFrom the subversive mind of novelist Tom Robbins comes a children’s book about… beer? Yes, it’s a bedtime story with burping. A Daily Beast Feature.

The Daily Beast, April 28, 2009.

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  1. Tom got me to hitchhike from Oklahoma to living in the Virgin Islands by way of hitting the ocean at the tip of Florida and finding a boat that took aboard thumbs and cooks who know how to make southern gravy. I have chased, dated, fell in love with, and been broken by redheads. I have tried every drug with every type of medicine man and shamen I have found. I am a hot mess breathing like a bandaloop, wearing patchouli (tried the Beat), and fucking like Pan. I think I had just took acid and finished with Heinlein’s Stranger when I wrecked my dad’s motorcycle and had time to kill. Of course I found Tom’s stories at that tender age and frame of mind. I was in need of Jesus and found him instead. Mix in reading the Illuminatus Trilogy between any of the long waits for the next novel. I dare you. My friends and I hold CRAFT as often as possible. I also have James Joyce stuck in my head, smoke Camels, troubled with very young women, love Bring In The Clowns! I give Tom a HUGE thumbs up! My children and I love B is for Beer!

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